What is Exactly Health Care

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What is health care? Have one of us ever really wondered why it is so important to know about this? By simple and common definition, health care is about to take care of our health, our family’s health, to get a back-up when we are at the point where we need a help. By the more precise definition, health care is way more complex. It is even divided into some parts of health care. The parts divided are not commonly known. However, to understand what health care is actually about, these are some points that may open our horizon about health care.

What is Exactly Health Care

Definition of Health Care

Health care is diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of serious or non-serious illness, physical or mental problem towards human beings. Health care includes the licensed or non-licensed organization in a local area or wider such as world organization. This is actually important for all the people to get the best health care, no exception. Related to that, health care is commonly divided into three types. The first type is primary care, the second type is secondary care, and the third type is tertiary care. The question “what is health care” above will be answered in these following paragraph.

Types of Health Care

The first type, primary care, is generally known and recognize as the very first person to go when they suffer from certain illness or injury. It does not meant they are not professional. The health professional in the primary care is the first stage where patients can consult anything they feel. Thus, this includes family physician, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, or other general practitioner. Those health professional are of course licensed to make sure that their first diagnosis, treatment, and any preventive action are in the right path. As the first point to consult, health professional in primary care have wider scope in reaching people in all ages and all social economic.

The second type, secondary care, is widely known as hospital care. By that definition, this health care is guaranteed and under the responsibility of hospital. As many people acknowledge before, health care in hospital is separated by each cause of illness or injury or surgery. They have medical specialization which will ease patients to be focus on their treatment. Cardiologist and dermatologist are two examples of medical specialization. Besides that, health professionals in secondary type includes those who have skilled attendance such as child birth, intense care, and medical imaging. Unlike the primary time, this secondary type is surely not the first place to consult. They exist because they have certain skills which is not generally mastered by the general practitioner.

The third type, tertiary care, is said to be the most exclusive amongst all. The reason is because this care requires specialized consultative health care. This indeed sounds serious and extremely exclusive. Well, usually people who choose tertiary care are those who suffer from serious mental or physical illness. They may be needing certain health services like cancer management, neurosurgery, cardiac , plastic, severe treatment burns, or other complex medical issues. The definitions and types of health care above we can see and start to think do we need such health care. From “What is Health Care?”, we are led to the wider definition and of course, awareness.