How To Take Care of Your (Face) Skin With These Simple Steps

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How to take care of your skin perfectly and get to know more about types of your skin? Being in a very hectic daily activity will sure demand you to recognize your own skin, especially face. Face is basically the center of everything. Relating to your confidence, dust, make-ups, pollution, food, and drink will cause your face to react in certain ways which mostly will disturb you. Basically, there are five common types of face skin. Each of them has their own way to treat. These following paragraphs is going to lead you to know your face skin better and to tell you about how to give it a care.

How To Take Care of Your (Face) Skin With These Simple Steps

5 Different Types of Face Skin

The first two different types of face skin are an oily type and combination type. For an oily type, you know you are this type when you try to wipe your face with a piece of tissue right after waking up in the morning, and find that the tissue is oily: try to wipe in forehead, nose, and cheek. For a combination type, you know you are this type when the tissue is left oily right after wiping to the forehead and nose area, but not cheek because it is dry still. So basically it is a combination between oily and dry. Women usually have this type.

The other three different types are a normal type, a dry type, and a sensitive type. Normal type is usually know when you find no oil in the tissue you used to wipe your face. The surface of your face will be felt springy and lithe. Dry type will deal with a non-oily tissue too, but you will figure out that your skin is hard, dry, and rupture. This type can easily trigger acne and pore to grow more. Sensitive type is commonly recognized by its dryness, which is very dry, tight, and easily get irritated. In some parts of your face too, you will find some red spots which is itchy and felt thin. These following paragraphs will show you how to take care of your skin in quick and easy steps.

Regular and Basic Treatment

Whenever you want to touch your face, make sure that your hand or palm is clean. Germs and bacteria is often being in your hands, knowing it or not. Then make sure that you wash your face regularly, especially after having hectic routines, with or without applying facial foam. You had better apply the safe facial foam, be careful on choosing it. Spare about 2 or 3 minutes to do some massage to your face. This massage will give your skin relaxation and calmness. It is believed to clean your face too.

Do some exercises. Exercise gives many benefits such as tightening your face skin and helps it to regenerate. Some traditional way such as applying egg whites, grated cucumber, or honey and lemon on your face will chill and refresh the skin. The last but not least is to drink much mineral water. Mineral water helps your skin to sweep away all the toxic contained in your body, including your face skin. These are some traditionally alternative ways about how to take care of your skin, especially face. Do not forget to smile and be happy!